Do Shih Tzus Think They are Human?

Do Shih Tzus Think They are Human - fancy long-haired shih tzu
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Do Shih Tzus think they are human? Some of them do, that’s for sure. There are some good reasons for this that make a lot of sense if you really think about them.

My Shih Tzu Truman certainly thinks he is human. In fact, he really isn’t fond of dogs in general. 

He does kind of get along with his adopted sister Sammy (you can learn more about Truman and Sammy here) but that wasn’t always the case.

The first time I took both dogs to the dog park, Sammy went bounding off to play with the other dogs and to make sure she got some love from all the other people there.

Truman, however, hid behind me and avoided all the dogs. It was very quickly that he started drooling and shaking. He was one unhappy little dog. He got the wood chips that were on the ground stuck in the drool.

I had to pick him up, clean him off, and then hold him the rest of the time we were there.

Truman isn’t an antisocial dog. He loves people. He just isn’t fond of other dogs, and I really believe it is because he doesn’t see himself as a dog. He seems to identify with people much easier.

This could be due to the fact he was a litter of one, so he just doesn’t get the connection between him and other pups.

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Reasons Some Shih Tzus Think They are Humans

There are other reasons that Shih Tzus might think they are humans and not dogs including the following.

Their Personality

Shih Tzus are little dogs but they are also strong-willed and confident.

If you own one, I am sure you have seen how they can strut around when they feel they have done something that they are proud of. 

When I was trying to house train Truman and he would sneak off to another room to do his business, I would always know because he would come back to where I was strutting into the room very happy with himself.

A Shih Tzu’s confidence can border on arrogance. These little dogs are very sure of themselves. They know they sit at the top of the pecking order and are happy to let everyone else know this as well.

Because of this, they do act as if they are human unlike a lot of other dog breeds. 

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They Are Good Communicators

Just like humans, Shih Tzus seem to have the ability to communicate their wants and needs. Yes, other dogs do this as well, but Shih Tzus seem to really have a wide range when it comes to communicating with their humans.

Again, if you already have a Shih Tzu you will know what I mean. They make lots of different noises to communicate.

For example, Truman will snort when he feels he deserves something I have and I haven’t shared it with him.

He will also snort to show his displeasure. 

Shih Tzus also like to use their big eyes to express their desires, and it is terribly difficult to resist them. 

Truman will also walk over and stand next to my bed when it is time to go to sleep. He can’t get up there himself, but he certainly lets me know it is time to go and he expects me to pick him up and put him up there.

Shih Tzus Pick Up on Words Quickly

Shih Tzus are smart little dogs. Sometimes people don’t think they are because they are stubborn, so they are difficult to train, but they are actually really intelligent.

It’s surprising how many words my Shih Tzus know. They certainly know the word bed and go. They know the words outside and of course, come, stay, and so on.

What I find most interesting is that they both also have learned turn right, turn left, and wait.

When we go for walks, in all sorts of places and not the same route every day, all I have to do is say turn right or turn left and they will do so. I find that pretty amazing, and it does make them seem a bit more human.

Of course, they also know their favorite word “treat.”

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Shih Tzus Were Bred to Be Companions

Shih Tzus aren’t hunting dogs and they weren’t bred to perform any other tasks. Their one and only task in life is to be companions to humans.

This makes them very friendly and loyal, and I believe is another reason some Shih Tzus think they are humans.

Their sole purpose is to make humans happy and to be with them. 

They aren’t bred to be with other dogs, so it makes sense that they feel they are humans as they are meant to hang around with humans.

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Do Shih Tzus Love Their Owners?

Yes! They sure do. Shih Tzus were bred to be companions. This means they love being with their owner and miss them terribly when the owner is gone. 

A Shih Tzu is happiest when he is cuddled up next to their owner or sitting on their owner’s lap.

Do Shih Tzus Get Attached to One Person?

Shih Tzus are very fond of humans in general and are loyal little dogs. Keep in mind, that Shih Tzus seem to be a one-person dog in the sense that your Shih Tzu is going to attach itself to one person and form a close bond with them.

I’ve always said about Truman, he likes everyone, but he only loves me, and that’s true of most Shih Tzus. They are going to like everyone but will only love one member of the family.

Why is My Shih Tzu so Clingy?

Shih Tzus have a real need to be loved and to show their love to their owner. They were bred to be this way. It’s great, but it also means that they can be a little clingy and also suffer from separation anxiety.

Don’t be surprised if your Shih Tzu follows you from room to room including the bathroom if you let them.

My little Sammy will scratch at the bathroom door if I don’t let her in.

Just know this clinginess comes from love and the anxiety of being without you.

To Sum it All Up:

A lot of Shih Tzus do think they are human. They were bred to be with humans and to identify with humans. With their personalities and ability to communicate and understand some words, there does seem to be a part of them that is more human than dog.

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