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  • puppy shih tzu in front of white background

    What Are the Best Face Wipes for Shih Tzus?

    If you’ve had a Shih Tzu for very long you know they can have issues with tear stains. This can lead to a build-up of bacteria which can then cause an unpleasant smell. It is best for your Shih Tzu and for you to keep their face as clean as possible, but what are the […] More

  • Shampoo bottles collection on white background

    Can I Use Conditioner on My Shih Tzu?

    You want to give your Shih Tzu a bath, but you’re wondering can I use conditioner on my Shih Tzu? Yes, you can, but it can’t be just any old conditioner you have in your shower. The wrong kind can cause issues for your dog, so read on to learn how you should condition your […] More

  • Dog with fleas

    Can Dog Fleas Live on Humans?

    If you’ve ever had a dog and they have had fleas, you know just how nasty and horrible the little creatures are. But, can dog fleas live on humans? Yes, they can, but the good news is they don’t want to. Can Dog Fleas Live on Humans? While a dog flea might jump on you […] More

  • 4 shih tzu dogs in front of a white background

    Can I Put Perfume on My Shih Tzu? (Yes…and No)

    If you feel your Shih Tzu might need a little freshening up between baths or grooming appointments you might be wondering, “Can I put perfume on my Shih Tzu?” If you mean human perfume, then no, you shouldn’t. There is good news though. You do have other perfume options. Can I Put Perfume on My […] More

  • purebred shihtzu in front of white background

    How Often Should You Bathe a Shih Tzu?

    If you’ve had a Shih Tzu even for a short time, you know that grooming is an important part of being a good pet parent. Shih Tzus are grooming intensive, but how often should you bathe a Shih Tzu? Can you give them a bath too often? Let’s find out. How Often Should You Bathe […] More

  • shih tzu with roses in front of white background

    Shih Tzu Shedding – Is it a big problem?

    While dogs of all kinds are great and bring a lot of joy into your life, one thing they bring that you don’t want is shedding. It can be a real pain dealing with all that hair all over your clothing, furniture, and floor. So, it’s normal to wonder about Shih Tzu shedding and if […] More

  • a man smelling a bad odor

    Do Shih Tzus Smell (They Shouldn’t!)

    Shih Tzus are one of the most popular breeds of dogs, and many people raise them in suburban and urban households. They are inside dogs, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get dirty. But do Shih Tzus smell? Well, they can, but they shouldn’t.  Do Shih Tzus Smell They’re small, cute, and come in a […] More

  • long haired shih tzu with rollers

    How Often Should a Shih Tzu Be Groomed?

    Shih Tzus are natural stunners. With their double coat, they require little to put on a show. The long, luxurious coat could also mean that they are high maintenance. But are Shih Tzus high maintenance? The frequency of grooming is one of the top factors that indicate whether a dog requires heavy maintenance. This brings […] More

  • why is my shih tzu's fur turning pink - shih tzu with pink rose in hair

    Why is My Shih Tzu’s Fur Turning Pink?

    Have you ever wondered why is my Shih Tzu’s fur turning pink? Well, there are a number of reasons this can happen including their diet, the water they drink, and allergies. There are also a few things you can do to keep it from happening in the future. Reasons Why Your Shih Tzu is Turning […] More

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