Top 5 Shih Tzu Colors

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When it comes to what is the best Shih Tzu color, that’s going to be a personal choice. Having said that, there are a number of Shih Tzu colors and some certainly demand a higher price. So, let’s look at the top five colors Shih Tzus come in and see if we can determine which color is the most popular and…the best.

Top Shih Tzu Colors

Let’s take a look at the many colors Shih Tzus come in.

The Albino Shih Tzu

Did you know that Shih Tzus come in all white?

It isn’t very common, but they do exist.

When it comes to show dogs, however, an albino Shih Tzu is not allowed in as the United Kennel Club will not accept all white dogs of this breed.

The same goes for the Federation Cynologique Internationale.

So, if showing your dog is your goal, stay away from this color.

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The Black Shih Tzu

This is another uncommon color for the breed, but they are out there.

While most black Shih Tzus have a little blue in the mix and sometimes even a little brown or a white mark, there are dogs that are completely black in color.

You will also see that their paws are black as well.

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The Gold Shih Tzu

This is another rare color.

Ironically, many Shih Tzus have patches of gold, but they aren’t completely gold in color.

As they get older, the color fades to a pale yellow.

This is similar to my Shih Tzu, Truman.

At birth, his coat was pretty dark brown, but as he got older, it got lighter and lighter.

Eventually, he became pale yellow and almost white.

The Blue Shih Tzu

While you might picture an actual blue dog, that’s not really the case.

The blue color comes from the color of their skin and not the color of their hair.

These dogs will have a lavender cast to their eye rims as well as their lips and nose.

Their hair will typically be similar to a dark gunmetal gray and can seem almost black depending on the light.

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The Multi-Colored Shih Tzu

Most of these dogs come in a mix of colors instead of just one.

Very often you will see black and white together or gold and white, or even red and white.

Some will even have a mix of three colors.

Three colored Shih Tzus tend to be rarer.

If you run into one of these, they will typically have black, white, and gold markings.

The Rarest Color Shih Tzu

While white, gold, and black Shih Tzus are uncommon, the rarest of all is a completely black dog.

This is due to the fact that most of these dogs, even black ones have just a tiny bit of another color such as white markings.

So, a completely black one doesn’t happen too often.

Brown Shih Tzu dog in front of a white background
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What’s the Most Expensive Shih Tzu?

While you might assume a black Shih Tzu would be the most expensive due to the fact it is so rare, that’s not actually the case.

This title belongs to one we haven’t talked about and that is the liver colored Shih Tzu.

A liver colored dog is actually brown.

I suppose that makes sense as liver is as well.

The liver color actually is referring to the color of their skin and not their hair.

Their noses, lips, and their paw pads will all be brown or chocolate in color.

So, how much does a liver colored Shih Tzu set you back?

Unlike a standard multi-colored dog that costs around $500 to $1,000 dollars, you can expect to spend a whopping $3,500 dollars for this little cutie.

Regardless of color, any of the solid colors will typically cost you a bit more than the more common colors.

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So What is the Best Color…

Well, that’s going to depend on your personal taste.

Years ago, I had a white and black Shih Tzu and she was just the sweetest little girl.

We called her Sushi and she was adorable.

Now, I have my senior Shih Tzu named Truman.

He is really just blonde with a bit of a white patch or white undercoat, but he is a cutie as well.

The truth is, they are all super cute and wonderful little dogs.

I have to say it is impossible to pick the best color.

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To Sum it All Up:

Shih Tzus come in many colors with one being prettier than the next. While some of the rarer colors such as liver will cost you a lot more money, if you want a stand out dog, then it might be worth the expense. If you’re not too concerned if your dogs come with black noses or a white blaze, then you should consider finding your next pup at a rescue instead of a breeder, because regardless of their color, these little lion dogs that used to sit in the laps of Chinese royalty will bring joy and happiness to your home no matter what color they are.

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