Can I Put Perfume on My Shih Tzu? (Yes…and No)

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If you feel your Shih Tzu might need a little freshening up between baths or grooming appointments you might be wondering, “Can I put perfume on my Shih Tzu?” If you mean human perfume, then no, you shouldn’t. There is good news though. You do have other perfume options.

Can I Put Perfume on My Shih Tzu?

The quick answer is no, you don’t want to put perfume made for humans on your Shih Tzu.

It would be bad for them.

The good news is if you want to freshen up your pouch, there are products made for dogs.

The one major concern here is that Shih Tzus are prone to skin allergies, irritations, or other skin issues.

That means you want to make sure you get a dog perfume or spray that won’t hurt their delicate skin but will still provide you with a nice scent.

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How and When to Use a Doggie Perfume

You don’t want to go whole hog on spraying your Shih Tzu with pet cologne.

There are a few things you need to understand before you get started

First off, the best time to use perfume is after you have given your Shih Tzu a bath.

Of course, you can use it in between bath times as well to freshen your dog up a bit and give them a pleasant scent.

Secondly, it is really important to test the perfume first to make sure there are no adverse reactions such as irritated skin or allergies.

After you are sure your Shih Tzu can handle the perfume, you need to be careful where you spray it.

Keep it away from their face.

You don’t want it to go into their eyes or mouth.

You also don’t want to spray it near their backside or their genitals.

Finally, don’t spray any on bare sensitive skin.

Keep it on the fur.

Maybe the most important part is to only use a little.

As they say, a little goes a long way.

You don’t want to overdo it.

Just think about that person at work that bathes themselves in cologne.

It can be tough on the nose and eyes.

The same is true for your pup.

You don’t want to cause them any breathing or skin conditions.

Also, if your Shih Tzu has any health issues, you might want to ask your vet if they feel it is okay to use doggie perfume before you try it.

And if your Shih Tzu has a terrible body odor, it might just be time for a bath or a trip to the groomers.

Regular grooming will help keep your Shih Tzu smelling sweet.

Best Options for Perfume for Shih Tzus

Here are a few options you can consider if you want to use a pet perfume.

1. PAWFUME Premium Grooming Spray Dog Spray Deodorizer Perfume For Dogs

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2. Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray For Dogs

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3. Bodhi Dog Natural Pet Cologne

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4. Arm & Hammer for Pets Super Deodorizing Spray for Dogs

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5. Wahl Cornflower Aloe Pet Deodorant for Dogs

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To Sum it All Up:

As a pet owner, you might from time to time give your little Shih Tzu a little spray with a fresh scent to cover up doggy odors and that’s certainly okay. Just be careful and watch closely for allergic reactions or itchy skin.



Please Note:
This article is informational only and does not substitute for veterinary advice. Always check with your veterinarian or doctor if you are concerned about your Shih Tzu’s. This article should not be considered in any way as veterinarian advice.

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