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  • Shih-tzu in the grass in Autumn

    How Hot is Too Hot to Walk Your Shih Tzu?

    You enjoy taking your Shih Tzu for a walk, and they love going on a walk. It’s a daily habit for the two of you. But what happens when it starts getting warmer outside? Is it still safe for you to take your Shih Tzu walking? How hot is too hot to walk your Shih […] More

  • puppies shih tzu in front of white background

    Do Shih Tzus Miss Each Other When Separated?

    If you have more than one Shih Tzu or more than one dog, do they seem down when one of them isn’t at home? Do Shih Tzus miss each other when separated? Do they miss family members or family that have passed on? Shih Tzus are pretty emotional little guys, so you might be surprised […] More

  • black and white shih tzu in front of white background

    7 Things You Should Never Do To Your Shih Tzu

    If you’re new to being a pet owner or even if you’ve had your Shih Tzu for a while, you might be unaware of how some of the things you do to your dog can affect them. So, for all pet parents, here are 7 things you should never do to Your Shih Tzu. 7 […] More

  • Brown Shih Tzu dog in front of a white background

    Does Your Shih Tzu Know Its Name? (Yes!)

    Have you ever wondered does your Shih Tzu know its name? They answer to it, so it seems like they must, but what’s really going on? And what else can they understand? Does Your Shih Tzu Know Its Name? Yes, there is a good chance your Shih Tzu knows its name. Most dogs do learn […] More

  • shih tzu in front of a white background

    Is Loud Music Bad for Shih Tzus?

    Let’s face it, most of us want to rock out at one point or another. Whether it is hard rock, punk, or good old country music, sometimes you just need to play it as loud as it will go. But you have to wonder about your poor little pup and their ears. Is loud music […] More

  • shih tzu outside in a red harness

    Should You Microchip Your Shih Tzu? (Yes!)

    If you’re getting a Shih Tzu puppy or even if you have an adult dog, you might be wondering should you microchip your Shih Tzu? Are they too small to microchip? Will it cause any issues for your dog? Let’s find out… Should You Microchip Your Shih Tzu Up to a third of all dogs […] More

  • Adorable Shih Tzu dog look at the owner

    Are Shih Tzus Hypoallergenic? (Not exactly)

    If you have allergies or someone in your family does, you might be looking for a pet that is hypoallergenic. There are a handful of dogs that fit the bill, but are Shih Tzus hypoallergenic? Not completely, but they come closer than a lot of pets. Are Shih Tzus Hypollergenic? The quick answer is no […] More

  • a wet shih tzu standing in water

    Can Shih Tzus Swim?

    It’s a beautiful summer day and you’re headed to the beach, but should you take your Shih Tzu? There’s no doubt that the pup would love the outing. But what about the water? Can Shih Tzus swim? The quick answer is yes, but there is more you need to know. Can Shih Tzus Swim? Yes, […] More

  • shih tzu in the air catching a ball

    Shih Tzu Energy Level – Couch Potato or Super Active?

    If you are thinking of getting a Shih Tzu or even if you have one, you might be wondering what is the normal Shih Tzu energy level? Are they super active or a couch potatoes or somewhere in between? Does low energy mean there is something wrong or should you be concerned about a hyperactive […] More

  • puppy shih tzu in front of white background

    How Much Does a Shih Tzu Cost

    Just about everyone loves Shih Tzus and why not? They are cute and cuddly and love their owners. Not to mention they are super loyal and make great lap dogs. So, it’s no wonder you might be considering buying one, but how much does a Shih Tzu cost? There’s a pretty big price range, so […] More

  • black and white Shih Tzu in front of a white background

    Are Shih Tzus Smart? It All Depends On What Smart Means…

    If you have a Shih Tzu then you already know what sweet-loving little dogs they are. But what about their intelligence level? Some studies show they’re not very smart based on the criteria used, but in other ways they definitely are. It just depends on how you define smart. So, are Shih Tzus smart? Let’s […] More