Are Dandelions Bad for Shih Tzus?

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Dandelions sure are pretty although most folks don’t like to see them popping up in their yards and as a homeowner, I can understand that, but are dandelions bad for Shih Tzus? Do you need to keep your pup away from these bright yellow wonders? You might be surprised by the answer.

Are Dandelions Bad for Shih Tzus?

In general, dandelions aren’t bad for Shih Tzus at all, but there are a couple of concerns you need to keep in mind.

Depending on where you grew up, you may have seen your grandma pick dandelion greens to cook for dinner.

Honestly, I was never a fan they are too bitter for my taste, and I have no idea what she actually did with them or how she cooked them, but for thousands of years, humans have eaten dandelion greens.

Of course, they don’t eat the yellow flower part or those white little seeds that fly all over your yard making more dandelions.

But what about dogs?

Will dandelions make them sick?

Actually, no they won’t.

While it’s not a great idea to let your Shih Tzu eat a bunch of them, a dandelion leaf or dandelion roots here or there won’t hurt them and they might even gain some benefit from it.

Even dandelion flowers are okay as long as they don’t eat a lot or they may end up with gastrointestinal issues.

My Shih Tzu, Sammy doesn’t eat them, but she always has to stop and smell them.

It’s pretty cute.

She will stop and put her nose right on the yellow part of the flower to take a whiff.

I’ve never known them to smell good, but maybe to her, they do.

One thing you do need to keep in mind is that depending on where the dandelions are, they may have been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides and both of those can be really bad for your Shih Tzu.

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What About Other Plants and Weeds?

There are a lot of plants and weeds that are dangerous for your Shih Tzu or any dog actually.

For example, poinsettias can be deadly if your dog eats one of its flowers or leaves.

When you have them in the house at Christmas time, it is really important to keep any leaves or flowers that fall off picked up before your precious Shih Tzu has a chance to eat one.

While you may think that aloe would be good for your dog as it is great for burns for humans, it is actually toxic for dogs.

The same is true about tulips and daffodils.

Both are poisonous if eaten by your Shih Tzu.

In fact, many plants and shrubs are toxic for dogs, so it is best to keep your pup away from any plant material or toxic plants as much as possible.

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Why Does My Dog Eat Dirt and Grass Roots?

If you notice that your Shih Tzu is trying to eat dirt and grass they could be doing it for a couple of reasons.

One, they might just like the taste, but more often, it is due to an upset stomach.

They will end up throwing up the grass and whatever else is in their stomach.

This can make them feel better.

My Sammy was a rescue dog and she was starved by her previous owner to almost the point of death.

When I got her, she would always try to eat sticks.

I have a feeling that is how she tried to feed herself when she wasn’t getting any food.

It took me about a year and a half to get her to stop.

It was really sad actually knowing how much she had suffered before she came to live with me.

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To Sum it All Up:

As pet owners, you have to keep a sharp eye on your Shih Tzu at all times and that includes when they are around plants inside and outside. From an upset stomach to liver failure or worse, toxic plants can be a real problem for your dog. And while dandelion leaves won’t hurt your Shih Tzu, be sure to limit the amount they eat.




Please Note:

This article is informational only and does not substitute for veterinary advice. Always check with your veterinarian if you are concerned about your Shih Tzu. This article should not be considered in any way as veterinarian advice.

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