The Adventure Begins…

shih tzu sleeping with his back towards the camera

This is just a quick update. I am planning to have a big adventure. I’m not sure exactly where I will end up or what I’ll do, but it should be great…as soon as I get started.

Check back here to see my weekly updates and follow along.

It should be great fun.

Now if only I could decide what comes next!

Oh well, that’s enough for today. I’m worn my poor, old, brain out.

Time for a nap.

what vegetables can my shih tzu eat - shih tzu sleeping with its head on a pumpkin

What Vegetables Can My Shih Tzu Eat

what fruits can a shih tzu eat - shih tzu jumping up on the kitchen cabinets looking for food

What Fruits Can a Shih Tzu Eat?